App development

We offer apps that are linked to a database and therefore mainly support the use of the database.
These are suitable for Android and Apple devices. Because we work with a common code base (Xamarin), we can easily adapt and test the app for both platforms.

The data is in the cloud (Azure) as is the API used to retrieve the data. This guarantees safety.

The app can be the same for all users or it can be different for each user. In the latter case, a login is required.

Examples of some of our apps:

  • Scan the barcode of received goods and the barcode of the rack so that it is known where which items are stored
  • Energy users can monitor their own energy consumption, including the generation of the PV, via the app and the performance of the heat pump. Through numbers and graphs. At a higher level, the manager of these buildings can identify problems early in the event of a disappointing performance of the heat pump or PV
  • Visitors to an event can see who else is there, including photo, company name and position, so that making contact is easier
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